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Wedding postcards

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I recently went to a wedding where, on arrival at the celebration venue, friends of the Bride and Groom promptly proceeded to hang up a washing line in full view of all the guests. I thought this was rather strange at first – couldn’t they do their washing at home?- but I soon found out what the purpose of this was to be.

The washing line was followed by a mass or colourful postcards which were hung up using pegs.

On closer inspection, I also found a large sign inviting guests to take a card each and post it back to the Bride & Groom with a personal message. Each postcard had a date and the lucky couple’s address already written on the back. There were 52 postcards in total, meaning that if all the cards were picked up by guests, the lovely Newlyweds should receive a message every week until their first wedding anniversay!

This is the card I chose to take home.

Translated, the message basically reads “Always & Forever” ….aaaaaaw

What a lovely, interactive and personal gift idea for a wedding! Ideal for when you are the chief bridesmaid or witness and are expected to pull off something a bit more special.

I just wish I’d known about this when my sister got married!


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