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3 years of birthday cakes


My older daughter turned a whole 3 years old in the middle of October…where has that time gone? (a popular saying with parents the world over).

So far, I have been committed to making her a home baked birthday cake every year and I intend to carry this tradition on until she asks me to stop. Maybe never?? My husband thinks I’m mad when I spend hours baking, carving shapes out of cake and decorating them whilst working up a sweat in a hot kitchen. Why not just buy a perfectly good cake, save time and probably spend less money?

The answer is that to me, a home made birthday cake is more than simply butter, sugar, eggs and flour. To me, it’s…well, love!

So whilst reminiscing about the last 3 years, here is a gallery of my creations thus far. I wonder what she will be into next year…!

First birthday- a mouse cake.

A joint first birthday cake for my daughter and her little friends.

For her second birthday I made a giant cupcake which was red on the inside.

The big THREE- a Peppa Pig cake.


2 thoughts on “3 years of birthday cakes

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