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I start obsessing about Christmas at around about the end of August each year. It is now early November and my plans and ideas are going into overdrive!

In my opinion, a well wrapped gift is one that you are afraid to open so as not to damage the precious paper and decorations it was oh so carefully encased in. Today I managed to find some really simple, stylish and eco friendly wrapping ideas using brown packing paper and brown paper bags. After a quick trawl on ebay I got everything I will need and spent just under a tenner. Not only will I be able to involve my older daughter in printing some wrapping paper using Christmas cookie cutters,  my presents will just look so expensive and special. Oh I just can’t wait to get those pressies wrapped (err, yes i have got some Christmas presents already).

Some of the goodies I will be using are brown paper lunch bags, rolls of brown packing pape,r gold candy stripe paper bags, white die cut snowflake shapes, cookie cutters, acrylic paints in gold, silver and white, ribbons to match.

I will be using these images for inspiration:

Christmas wrap

Christmas wrap (Photo credit: Gemma Garner)

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String

(Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

How many sleeps til Christmas?


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