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Tea time canvas

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The other day I had a few hours without the kids on a Saturday and it felt like pure and utter luxury! Those kinds of days don’t some along too often now. So, apart from doing a little happy dance, I also managed to finally make a wall canvas to brighten up my big little girls’ bedroom. There was just one wall that was still lacking a bit of interest. I gathered a canvas, a few leftover wall stickers to match the theme in her room, a piece of gingham fabric, acrylic paints and a few other bits and bobs and got going. This is the end result:

I am really pleased with how it turned out and my little madam likes it. You could easily do this with any theme or leftover bits and pieces.

I think it’s important to stick to just 2 or 3 main colours, otherwise your canvas can easily end up looking far too busy. This is especially the case when using lots of different textures and materials as I did here. Initially, I had sage green bunting pieces but then decided it was too much and in the end I stuck with just pink and blue as the main colours. I can recommend laying out a design first so you can see how it will look, rather than randomly sticking on bits straight away. Talking about colours, make sure you always mix, mix, mix your own shades of paint!! I can’t remember a time when i have ever used paint straight from the tube. Even just a drop of white can soften down a colour to exactly the right shade. A bit of brown always tones down any colour which would otherwise be too bright. In order to get your background colour nice and even, use a clean dishwashing sponge to wipe the paint on.

Apart from adding interest to my little one’s room, making this canvas was sooo relaxing and therapeutic. I love it when you get completely engrossed in a little project and just for an hour or two the most important decision you have to make is, “Pink bunting or green bunting?”.


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