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We have received our first Christmas card of the year in the post today! Yes, it seems that some people like to start early. But who am I to judge…it has been Christmas central at this very house for a couple of weeks already.

Sending and receiving Christmas cards in bullk is a typically British tradition which I have whole-heartedly embraced in recent years. It is obviously lovely to read the little messages from friends and family, but all those cards also really add a beautiful decorative touch to the house. So to display the cards we will hopefully receive this year, I made some really simple but effective card holders today. All I needed were some little festive pegs, a length of ribbon, drawing pins and a hammer (not pictured but needed to prevent severe finger tip pain).

The photos are pretty self- explanatory but basically you just use a pin to attach the pegs to the ribbon and then hang the finished garland wherever you desire. I put the pegs at random lengths along the ribbon to allow for different sizes of cards.

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These ribbon holders really help keep your surfaces and sideboards clear of cards and look a lot more classy than some of the shop bought card holders you can get. I am already inspired to make similar garlands to hold birthday cards throughout the year…I’m thinking polka dotted ribbon and colourful pegs….oh the possibilities are endless!


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