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Quick chocolate samosas


I recently had some ready rolled puff pastry left from making some scrumptious mini pear and gorgonzola pies (will blog about these soon). Gourmets and foodies the world over probably turn their noses up at shop bought pastry but -hey- I like the fact that I can whip up tasty treats without having to turn my kitchen into a flour-coated mess.

So I took my leftover sheet of pastry and cut it up into rectangles using my trusty pizza roller, placed one piece dark 70% chocolate on the end of each rectangle and then rolled them up into triangles, similarly to the way samosas are shaped (hence the name I gave these babies). Brush with milk and sprinkle on some crunchy sugar, then bake in a moderate oven for about 15-20 minutes.

I give you: quick chocolate samosas …..



Glorified chocolate croissants but ….Om nom nom!


2 thoughts on “Quick chocolate samosas

  1. Did the chocolate set hard again once they’d cooled?

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