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Owl babies

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I have been crafting owls as birthday party invites for my little girl who turns one in a few months. As we have lots on over the coming weeks, I thought I would get ahead of myself and start making a few bits and pieces ready to use nearer the time. I used just a few bits of card and patterned paper.


I made hand drawn templates on thick card and checked if everything looked ok when put together.


I drew around the body template twice, whilst overlapping the two shapes a little. I then folded the two body parts over one another to make a card.


I used patterned  and plain paper for all the other parts to create the patchwork effect I was after.


I love the way each little owl is different and just look how you can create their owly characters by changing the eyes slightly.



And whilst talking about owls… have you come across the book “Owl babies” by Martin Waddell ? One of my all time favourite children’s books. Tugs the heart strings every time and the illustrations are just gorgeous!

Cover of "Owl Babies"

Cover of Owl Babies


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