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My edible garden

Over the last few weeks I have been enjoying spending lots of time in the garden with my girls. We are very lucky because we actually have a decent size garden for British standards and for the fact that we are semi-detached. As much as I love flowers I also like being able to use some of the space for growing attempting to grow some food for us.

I am a complete and utter beginner when it comes to gardening and I have now idea of how to do things properly. I’m sort of a “stick it in the ground and hope for the best” kind of gardener. However, I haven’t done too badly with this method and we have been able to harvest the odd bits here and there over the years.

232323232fp635;9_nu=3263__82_4;;_WSNRCG=36897293_8329nu0mrj[1]Homegrown radishes


A tiny harvest of blueberries- best eaten straight of the shrub.


Peas are always a winner and we tend to eat them raw straight in the garden- my little girl loves them! I have sown extra peas this year as they are so popular in our house.


Last year’s carrots were a wash out thanks to the wet and drizzly summer but this year’s lot are starting to get to a decent size now.


This is an old photo of my raised vegetable bed (excuse the thumb). This year it contains onions, cucumbers, loadsa peas and courgettes. After experimenting with all kinds of different veggies last year, I’m concentrating on just a few family favourites this year.


There is nothing quite like an apple tree in bloom! Hubby is out there almost every day now looking for signs of tiny beginnings of apples. All the pretty petals have gone now. We have three young apple trees in total and it is looking like a glut of apples this year- fingers crossed!


This is my currant shrub with it’s FIRST EVER lot of currants on since we planted it a couple of years ago.


We love our rhubarb and I made a lot of it into strawberry and rhubarb jam with vanilla. I used frozen strawberries and it is delish!

So there you go, growing your own food can be a bit hit and miss but it is so much fun and when you do reap the rewards ….well there is just nothing like eating something straight from your own back garden. It doesn’t get more local than that! What is growing in your garden at the moment?


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Owl birthday cake


My tiny girl turned one at the weekend! Now I know this following statement is popular with annoying parents the world over but – “Where has that time gone?” Sorry, I couldn’t resist it!

To celebrate I had to stick with tradition and I ended up baking her a chocolatey owl cake. I used Nigella’s spruced up vanilla cake from her Christmas book and simple chocolate fudge icing. Then I went to town with the chocolate buttons, sprinkles and chips.  Job done and one happy birthday girl!