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Sandy footprints

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One day this summer we decided to use up some plaster of paris from my crafty drawer and made some foot prints in the sandbox. It is so easy and yet the results are very impressive. It’s not just a fun activity that the lil’ uns will be able to join in with, but it also creates a really sweet keepsake that will be yours to treasure for ever!

You need:

cardboard boxes or lids from shoeboxes

some plaster of paris powder

clean cold water

wet sand

box frame, decorative papers, sticky pads

1. Pack some wet sand into your cardboard container/tray

2. Get your little person to make an imprint of their feet (or hands) in the sand. You might want to do one at a time and you will also end up trying a few times until the print is just right and smooth.

3. Start stirring some cold water into the plaster of paris until it is a thick but still pourable consistency.

4. Don’t waste any time! Before the plaster of paris goes hard, gently and slowly fill your sandy imprints with the mix.

5. Wait!

6. Wait some more and when the plaster has hardened, gently remove them from the sand. This will be about 30 minutes or so after pouring them (maybe longer depending on the consistency you used).

7. Admire your sandy footprints and then keep them in a dry place to completely harden and dry out (ca. 2 days to be on the safe side, especially if wanting to keep in a frame)

8. Leave them as they are or box them up in a pretty frame!

My little girl loved getting stuck in with this and she loved seeing the end result even more. Ours came out a bit wonky because the imprints in the sand weren’t perfect and we could have been more careful pouring in the plaster mixture. But that only goes to show how easy they are to make, even if you are 3 years old or a bit heavy handed! The results are still pretty brill!


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