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I redecorated the whole house!

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Luckily, I am talking about the doll’s house and not our own, life sized house. That would just be a task too big to even contemplate. Not to mention expensive!

The doll’s house for my girls was a bargain that I got second hand for about £10. It was well used and just in need of some TLC to bring it up to date and ready for two little madams to start playing with.

P1000912The “before”.




Work in progress! I decided to give the whole house an off-white base coat first.

The finished article:


I used a few Dulux tester pots to paint the whole house, including the base coat. I was lucky as I got them when they were on offer as 3 for a pound. I probably used less than £5 worth of paint for the whole project.


Not the neatest paint job- I haven’t got the patience!! Besides, I knew it would soon be bashed, chipped,  played with!


The wallpaper is ordinary craft paper and the curtains are bits of scrap fabric glued into place. Really pleased with all the colours and how they go together!


Doesn’t Granny look right at home in her new pad?


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