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Learned something new: sugar craft!


I recently went on a sugar craft workshop and learned how to model jungle animals from sugar paste. It was a 3 hours lesson and was actually really relaxing. I’m not normally great with activities that require attention to detail and excellent fine motor control… more of a slap dash sort of girl! However, making these animals was strangely relaxing! Very pleased with the end results… taking into account that it was my first time!


I incorporated two of these little fellas into my little girls’ fourth birthday cake– will post about it in a few days. I can reveal that it was a fairy princess castle cake as requested by madam herself! Can’t quite believe I have now made four birthday cakes for her. Four years! Wow.


2 thoughts on “Learned something new: sugar craft!

  1. These are very cute! I haven’t started experimenting with sugar paste yet – though I am about to show my latest experiment with chocolate collars on my rose-white chocolate mud cake (with rose-white chocolate ganache) that I made for my own birthday. Would love to see you back again! I need to post my little one’s birthday cake. I am not quite as organised as you yet! I look forward to seeing the finished cake.

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