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An Autumn of firsts…

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I have started back at work part time in the last few weeks which meant a tiny girl starting at nursery for the first time, early mornings and leaving the house in a semi-presentable state for the first time in what feels like ages! I feel like I am finally managing to strike  balance between work and still enjoying enough time with my girls at home. We like to make the most of our days together and these past Autumn weeks have seen a fair few “firsts”:



We have enjoyed lots of Autumn walks. The tiny one now walks along quite confidently in her first pair of wellies 🙂


I crocheted a nice snuggly cowl scarf for myself and it has already been in use several times. It was only the third item I had ever crocheted (and the first ever scarf) so I’m quite pleased with it. I tend not to use any patterns and just make it up as I go along.



I know it has been ages since Halloween now but this year for the first time we embraced the whole hoohaa and baked some themed goods to take to a friends’ house for a little party. My friends’ older daughter took my two girls trick or treating around a couple of relatives’ houses which they had never done before. Needless to say the sweets were a winner with my little girl.



I made apple pie from scratch for the first time ever using this recipe. It was really very scrummy and it made the most of our last few apples from the garden.


We made caramelised onions in our trusty slow cooker and ate them with sausages in rolls. I had never used the slow cooker for onions and I must say it really worked well. I popped them in the pot late in the morning and they cooked on low until early evening by which time they were soft and nicely browned. Success!

What have you done for the first time over the last few weeks?


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