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Pizza Picnic bread


Roll on summer and picnics in the park! In the meantime, why not have a go at this gorgeous stuffed bread and have a February picnic indoors while it pours (and pours) outside. I found the recipe here (Can’t ever go wrong with that website!). I basically needed to finish off an open jar of pasta sauce and some slices of salami, so I altered the recipe only by changing the ingredients that went inside the bread. That is what I love about this kind of recipe- just chuck all your leftover bits and pieces in.  I also used my loaf tin so that it would keep its shape and that really worked well.


As you can see, the layer of filling is really quite thin so next time I would try to overstuff the dough to give it even more flavour. It felt like a lot of filling when I was rolling it up, but then I suppose as the bread dough rises and puffs up whilst baking, the proportion of dough to filling changes.


Apologies for the Christmassy backdrop in this last photo- I made the loaf in the early days of 2014 when my decorations where still up. So much for being a more frequent blogger in the new year.


2 thoughts on “Pizza Picnic bread

  1. I’m so hungry!

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