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Spring has sprung. I have a “Spring” in my step, etc, etc. I am seriously excited that this time of year has finally arrived- but enough with the seasonal plays on words already. Equally irritating are Easter wares and activities that are proclaimed to be “eggcellent” or “eggciting”.

Waking up light like this is quite something, isn’t it? I am not a cheerful morning person- in fact you could say I am downright grumpy. It takes at least one giant mug of coffee to get me going for the day.  This is the window next to my rocking chair in the landing and I just had to take a photo of the lovely light reflections from a mosaic vase. Being greeted by sunshine so early in the morning cheered me right up. Some other highlights of my week were

♥ buying some bedding plants for the fairy garden we are planning to make during the holidays

♥ home grown rhubarb made into a crumble (I forgot to take a photo of the crumble before it was devoured)

♥ hubby built me a quick and nifty support frame for my vege bed which I have yet to drape in netting to keep the pesky cats from using it as a litter box.

♥ home made iced coffee: simply blitz up ice cubes, 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee powder, vanilla syrup and milk using a hand blender.

♥ a packed salad for lunch every day.

♥ putting up an Easter tree with my little lady













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