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My day

Birthday season has begun here at the Tilly household. Myself, Mr Tilly and little H all celebrate our birthdays around this lovely time of year, all within a 4 week window.

Here are a few of my favourite snaps of my special day, some of the cards and flowers and my best pressies.The best thing was spending the day with my fave 3 people. Corny, i know.











Muffins two ways: lemon curd and chocolate chips

I had a jar of lemon curd to use up so I was on the hunt for a basic cake recipe that I could jazz up with a  bit of the lemony goo. I came across this recipe for a basic muffin batter and it turned out to be just perfect for adding bits and pieces. You basically mix up all the dry ingredients and stir up the wet ingredients in separate bowls before combining wet with dry.

In addition to the ingredients listed in the recipe, I added 75g of chocolate chips to half the batter and about 6 tablespoons of lemon curd to the other ( 1 tbsp per muffin). Once the muffins were baked, I also brushed a little extra curd on top of the still hot lemon cakes. Finished of with some lemony sugar crystals (I used Askeys ice cream topping sprinkles), they looked so delicious. And they certainly tasted delicious. A big hit with both the girlies, hubby and ME!



No little girl (or boy) should be without one… a fairy garden!

Ours certainly isn’t picture perfect or meticulously laid out. But it is played with by two little girlies. A lot. I have been looking for a set of little plastic fairies that they would be able to use outside within the fairy abode. But it turns out that little sticks do the job just fine and all manner of beautiful stick fairies come to visit the garden. Isn’t imagination a wonderful thing? The other day I caught big H using a pan scourer (normally used to play washing up in her mud kitchen) as a fairy. I know. That pan scourer had some moves, twirling around the garden and all that.


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Winchester Water Meadows

What with this beautiful weather we have been enjoying, the Tilly household has been less busy making and baking and more busy daytripping. Despite having visited Winchester many times over recent years, we only just discovered the Water Meadows yesterday.

We started off with a mooch around the shops and a look around the gorgeously tempting stalls of the vintage market that was on last weekend. The market was a bit of a surprise and quite unexpected but thoroughly enjoyed by me- hubby not so much. I spotted lots of vintage children’s books, toys, up cycled and shabby chic furniture and kitchenalia such as retro Tupperware and Melmex. I didn’t make any purchases but thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the stalls.

Next we had a relaxing picnic with some shop bought goodies on the lawn in front of the cathedral. Daisy picking was a highlight here!



After a while we started meandering around the back streets and took a right turn where we normally take a left and discovered the most amazing footpath along the water.

These are the Water Meadows! We had a blissful walk. I felt like I was on holiday. We spotted St Catherine’s Hill in the near distance and decided to return without the kiddos soon for a little hike up. All in all a successful day full of unplanned yet amazing activities.