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Our summer so far – as seen through my phone camera

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I am quite renowned among my closest friends and family for not being the most positive or optimistic kind of person. You could go as far as saying that I am downright pessimistic. At times, I can just get bogged down with the mundane aspects of everyday life or I can just feel like I’m not achieving enough each day and missing out on all the amazing things you see people do (mainly on pinterest and that there faceache). Of course, my logical self knows that that is utter nonsense as I am always busy with my girls and we are having the time of our lives. The trouble is, that I sometimes need to remind myself of all the good things that we have going on, especially when I am elbow deep in dirty laundry or sweeping under the table for the twentieth time that day.

Enter my camera! I find that recording all the little and big things we do each day really helps me focus on the positives and makes me appreciate how magical this time right now is. We will never have these pre-school toddler days back. In fact, they are already numbered (negativity again, see!!). At the end of each day, I glance through my photos and it helps me process everything that happened and makes me end my day with a smile. My mind goes “Oh, what a gorgeous, mucky toddler face after dinner” rather than “Grrrr, been wiping mucky faces all day!”. You get the gist.

So far, so good. Now, more recently I have been getting complaints from a certain man in my life that I spend all our family time lugging the big camera around and taking hundreds of photos wherever we go. Taking his point on board but without compromising on the therapeutic aspect my photos provide me with, I have been using my phone camera some more again. It really has been quite liberating just whipping it out and capturing all the happy moments from the last few weeks.

And here are some of the good things we have been up to this summer so far…

lake 2

… we holidayed by a lake for a blissful long weekend in the  early summer sun



… lots of dipping our feet in and getting sandy feet


… my baby girl turned 2!

birthday cake

…there was cake!


…I made these muffins again.


… a garden party


…and we had an actual bouncy castle in our garden (on loan from a lovely friend). Oh the excitement!! Giddy giddy giggles.


… blooms in our garden.


…sand play

southbourne 4

…a trip to the glorious British seasidestrawberry farm

… strawberry picking


… running around in fields. As you do.

Summer 2014, you have barely begun. You have been amazing so far, please stay that way!



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