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Back to school homework box

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My 4 year old started year R a few weeks back and after spending copious amount of time labelling uniform items I feel like I have officially entered proper adulthood. It is all a bit like a rite of passage, isn’t it? Measuring feet and buying shoes, hunting down the best pinafores in just the right shade of grey, trawling through supermarket clothing departments on the look out for the best knee high socks. Well, we are well and truly settled into the whole school run routine and my little H loves every minute she spends there (or so she tells me- what actually goes on … Who knows!?).
I had this idea of consolidating all our school stationery items and work books in one place for easy access once the first highly anticipated homework comes in. Behold the homework box:





Being a Primary teacher myself, albeit on a career break, I am still a bit of a fiend for searching out little work booklets, flash cards, cute pencils and so on to make the whole homework and learning process even more fun. I’d like to also point out that we do lots of other active, outdoorsy things and that so far any use of the homework box has been by her own choice. Obviously once she is set homework by her teacher it won’t be optional, but why not spark an interest early on. Also, who wants to be searching the whole house for those hidden scissors, rulers and pencil sharpeners every single time they are needed ? No, me neither.


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