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One person’s junk…

… is another person’s treasure! Isn’t that just the truth!? Those who know me, are aware that I am partial to a touch of second hand shopping. The great British Charity Shop is maybe not the most stylish high street haunt these days but I couldn’t love them more. I try to take little H at least once a week to see which new bits and bobs we can find. Oh the excitement… you never know what will be waiting for you each time. The whole concept of the charity shop appeals to me as obviously things that would otherwise be chucked out and end up in landfill are sold on to be given a whole new life. And all the while money is raised for a local or national cause.

I am very excited to share some of my recent finds here. There was this perfect children’s chair.


I am in love with the pattern and colour of the little cushion. Chair and cushion were a steal. Little H made me chuckle as she sat in the chair by the till whilst I paid.

We found this lovely hand crochet cushion cover.


It has since been filled with a pale blue cushion and it looks very stylish on my comfy rocking chair.

We have recently picked up a few of these lacy shawls and tablecloths. They usually cost around £1 and we use them to set the dolly kitchen for tea parties or on the floor as a picnic blanket. Can’t wait to build pretty dens using these with the girls in the garden when the weather brightens up.


I am currently loving vintage inspired illustrations and so I was thrilled to find some gorgeous old books (one was actually given to us by a friend who was sorting through her grown up sons old books).




How sweet is this little lady?


I have spent ages poring over the gorgeous pictures.

Besides these we have picked up a slightly garish plastic fairy castle because we are planning on planting up a fairy garden in a big barrel outside. I am thinking violets, pebbles and glass nuggets as paths, a little playmobil bench perhaps. We are just waiting for a sunny day to start our project and of course I will share here how it all went.


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Beating the winter blues


Urgh, look at all that rain on my kitchen window. Much nicer to look at some lovely hyacinths in bloom. And gosh that scent….!


Lots of puddly walks in between showers.


My latest little charity shop find: rainbow coloured shot glasses. They do cheer me up but I’m not sure if they are a bit too 70s trashy yet. Ah well.


Rainbow chalks.


Love it.

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This little piggy…


I found this little 1970s piggy bank at the local charity shop and I just had to get it for my 3 year old. I gave it to her as a reward for being really brave when she had her preschool booster jabs and she has been collecting stray coins from all over the house and saving them. How cute does that silly pig look? I just had to share! 🙂


In with the old…

I found these lovely photo frames and vintage bottles in a second hand shop today. They were a total bargain and I am so excited to do something with them. I especially love the golden frame. I’m thinking the frames would look lovely with some vintage pieces of wallpaper to match other soft furnishings.

The bottles lend themselves to all sorts of projects such as spraypainting them in bright colours (turquoise? yellow?) with enamel paint. There are loads of ideas for using old jars and glass bottles here.

Alternatively, filled with a bit of home made blackcurrant brandy, these would make beautiful Christmas gifts. Hmmmm!