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View through my window 1/2014


I have been absent from this space for a little bit.  January so far has kept me busy with my girls, a bit of work and keeping it all together at home in general. I have been sugar free for January (19 days down and counting!). There have been tantrums (the terrible twos have arrived early). Nursery is dishing out illness after illness- will it ever get better? I have come to the realisation that sometimes it’s good to actually do nothing at all. I am not particularly good at that. When I do have a bit of down time, I am easily distracted by magazines that need reading, recipes that need baking and craft projects that need finishing…

Today we made a conscious effort to slow down and not do much of anything at all. It felt good.



View through my window 1/2013

I am a very homey person and I take pride in making my home lovely for my little family. So I came up with this category which will allow me to share little insights and snippets on how we live and the bits and pieces that just make me happy. It also allows me to post more of the pictures that I’d like to share but that don’t necessarily fit into a topic or other blog post.


This kind of sums up the summer we have had. We are now ready for Autumn and this is actually my most favourite season of the year!

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Frosty outside…cosy inside

It has been a very frosty day in this part of the world.  We have had a thick covering of white all over the cars, roads, fields and trees. I took these photos on an early morning walk.






It was my big little girl’s first ever Christmas celebration at preschool this morning. She sang carols and was a snowflake in a dance. By the end, my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. On the short drive home through the countryside it felt like being in a scene from a wintery postcard. The sun was setting theatrically behind some icy clouds, giving everything a magnificent orange glow. When we came back we got cosy in the house. We lit candles, the lights on the tree were twinkling and outside everything was still covered, frozen still. I made stew, the baby slept and everyone else just pottered around. I wish we had more days like this.