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Wedding- Teacher- Easter gift idea … Herb garden with money butterflies


Whilst looking through my photos I came across this lovely herb garden in a basket with butterflies that I photographed at a wedding last year. It made me feel instantly excited for Spring which should (hopefully) be just around the corner!

Apart from being a really sweet wedding present, this idea would also be great as a teacher gift for Easter. You could easily replace the money notes with coloured or patterened papers or get all the parents to chip in and get a collection started. It would definitely make a welcome change from the usual chocolates! Teacher or not, this would be a brilliant gift for anyone for Easter!

All you need is

a pretty basket

several pots of herb plants such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, parsley, lavender

a few pipe cleaners

money notes or coloured papers

decorations of choice (ribbons, pinwheels, etc)

To make the butterflies you could just simply fold the notes into fans and tie the pipe cleaners around their middle. However, there are also lots of tutorials of how to make a proper origami butterfly from money notes online. I did a quick search and found an instructional video here.

This is definitely at the top of my “must-do” list of craft and gift ideas!